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Hey, my name is Aaron and I am the founder of Mental Fitness Clothing! Let me tell you a little about how we got here and what the inspiration was behind the concept.

Depression is something that effects everybody from time to time. Some more so than others but whether it's directly or indirectly affected you, it's an illness that we need to stand up to. In this day and age it claims far too many lives and it's time to stand up and fight! So let me introduce you all to Mental Fitness Clothing!

Mental health charities are close to my heart and they do such valuable and important work in trying to support individuals struggling with mental health issues. I wanted to do something to support them in return and although I could have run a marathon or climbed a mountain as a one off fundraiser, I wanted to do more! 

Mental Fitness Clothing is proud to support numerous mental health charities by making continuous donations to them via the sale of our fitness and leisure wear clothing range. Our range is designed for both men and women and offers genuine value for money. 

So come and support us in our fight against mental health. Lets create the mentally strong! 

Aaron Wroe - Founder



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